Portion Size

One of the most frustrating things about a Low Fodmap diet is finally finding a food that is ‘green’, that you enjoy and can eat, and being told that you can only have it in small (sometimes tiny) amounts.

This is one area where the Low Fodmap diet becomes quite complex.  FODMAPs come in different quantities within different foods, thus it is difficult to provide a blanket list of simply ‘eat and ‘dont eat’ foods.

Consider your intake of FODMAPs as being similar to a glass of water.  As the glass is being filled (as you body is being filled with FODMAPs) everything is fine, until you reach the top fo the glass and the water overflows (you reach your dose response limit).  One you have reached your dos response limit you will begin to experience symptoms.    This is what we learn in the Re-Introduction Phase of the diet – what foods we can tolerance and at what QUANTITIES.

If you have invested in to the Monash Low Fodmap app, this becomes a very useful tool in determining which foods can be tolerated at which levels.   To illustrate one example, an Avocado is marked as a high fodmap food due to it being high in fodmaps at 1 serve (80g).  However 20g of avocado is low in fodmaps and can be tolerated by most.  So all of a sudden you can have avocado on your toast again!