Elimination Stage

Elimination Stage

The Elimination Stage is Phase 1 of the Low FODMAP diet.

During the Elimination stage of the diet, you will essentially stripping your food consumption back to its base reducing fodmaps in order to reduce or hopefully eliminate symptoms and commence the reintroduction of foods in order to determine your triggers.  As always, LofoFoodie highly recommends working with a qualified Low FODMAP dietitian throughout the Elimination and Reintroduction Stages.

It is recommended to remain on the Elimination Stage for anywhere between 4 and 6 weeks and not longer.  Not only is it potentially harmful to remain on a strict FODMAP elimination for a longer period, it is also very restrictive in relation to foods choices. It is also highly unlikely that after this period you would see any improvement.  In fact, a Monash University study by Emma Halmos and colleagues shows that IBS patients observed the largest changes in the first seven days of the low-FODMAP study diet and maintained this ongoing.  After the elimination stage is completed and you should begin to reintroduce foods systematically. This is then Phase 2 of the Low FODMAP diet called the Reintroduction stage.

For information on the Reintroduction stage visit this page.