Cooking Appliances

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One of the key success factors for the Low Fodmap diet is cooking more meals yourself. Steering clear of processed foods and cooking more dishes yourself will help to know exactly what ingredients are in your food and help in managing portion sizes based on those ingredients. That being the case, you will find yourself spending a lot more time in the kitchen.

But not only does that mean you need to find more time, if you are not currently doing much of the cooking, it means you may also have to purchase some new equipment to support you in your culinary journey. Some gadgets will make you life a little easier in the kitchen, but then there are some that can can save you oodles of time and make cooking that much easier.

Here we have listed what we believe to be the most helpful kitchen essentials when cooking a Low Fodmap diet :

1. Bread Maker
2. Juicer/smoothie maker
3. Rice Cooker
4. Kitchen Mixer
5. Food Processor
6. Food Blender
7. Slow Cooker
8. Waffle Maker
9. Sandwich maker
10. Thermomix – if you are really serious about creating meals from scratch, we recommend a Thermomix that will save you time and provide with a range of functions that the other listed items manage.