How to keep herbs fresh in the fridge

How to keep herbs fresh in the fridge

Do you buy herbs, use them for one recipe and then have them dry out only to be thrown away?

Its actually very simple to keep herbs fresh and able to be used for anywhere up to one to two weeks.  This method works for more or less all fresh herbs and will be such a great help to adding great flavours to your Low FODMAP dishes.


Herbs are the friend of the physician and the pride of the cooks    – Charlemagne


Simply take a glass or cup large enough to place the stems of the herbs in to. Fill the glass with enough water to cover half way up the side of the stem.
Using a small plastic bag or piece of cling wrap, cut to a size large enough to cover the tops of the herbs.
Cover the herbs fully but loosely with the plastic and place the glass in the fridge.
This will allow the herbs to maintain moisture in the dry environment of the refrigerator and counter too much oxygen browning the leaves and making herbs wilt.

Simple but effective!