Wheat and the Low Fodmap Diet

Wheat and the Low Fodmap Diet

The Low FODMAP diet restricts wheat due to wheat’s fructan content. This is often misinterpreted by people when investigating or following the Low FODMAP diet as many understand that wheat is restricted due to its Gluten content. Often, the Low FODMAP diet is perceived to be a gluten free diet. This need not necessarily be the case as not all wheat ingredients contain both gluten and fructans. This is an incredibly important part of understanding how the Low FODMAP diet should be handled as excluding gluten completely when celiac disease is NOT present is not only unnecessary, it can also be detrimental to your health (source).


White wheat flour and wholewheat flour are not suitable for followers of the Low FODMAP diet and should be avoided completely in at least the elimination stage. An attempt to re-introduce in the re-introduction stage is possible.


Many of the recipes featured on Lofofoodie have been created Gluten Free, however as mentioned above, this is not as a result of the Low FODMAP diet, more for providing options for those that are also experiencing celiac disease or a lower level reaction to gluten.
Various alternatives are available when the main sources of wheat are removed from the diet (i.e breads, cereals, pastas). Below you can find a list of the suitable options available to you that should not induce symptoms at recommended levels:



Wholegrain wheat bread, rye bread SUBSTITUTE WITH 2 slices spelt sourdough bread, 2 slices gluten free bread, 1 slice oat sourdough bread


Muesli containing wheat, whole wheat grain biscuit SUBSTITUTE WITH Oats (1/4 cup), quinoa flakes (1 cup), corn flakes (1/2 cup)


Wheat pasta SUBSTITUTE WITH Gluten free pasta (1 cup), quinoa pasta (1 cup)


Rye crisp bread SUBSTITUTE WITH Rice cakes – plain (2 rice cakes)